About Goode Technology Group

A company founded with the goal of bringing personalized technology solutions to Houston and beyond.

Thank you for expressing interest in our company

I began my professional career over 30 years ago when I entered the IT industry working for an oil and gas exploration company here in Houston, Texas.  As I pursued my career, I experienced firsthand the desire of businesses to have vendors deliver personalized solutions for technology related issues.  Realizing the benefit this tailored approach brought to business operations, I set out with the goal to create a company dedicated to this very idea. In establishing Goode Technology Group, Inc., I was able to foster a group of technology professionals committed to providing personalized services for a wide range business arenas.  Though technology has evolved, basic needs of the business community have stayed the same; over 25 years later I am proud to say we still continue my original pursuit.

In becoming one of Houston’s premiere IT consulting firms, Goode Technology Group has weathered everything from the rapid evolution of technology to ongoing fluctuations in the economy.  Our group of IT professionals dedicate themselves to assisting our clients.  We continue to take pride in our close-knit family of consultants and the long-term working relationships we have fostered with our clients. We offer and support a full range of IT services including everything from local desktop support to system services for our international clients. Whether you have just a few PC’s or an international IT department, we can tailor our services and solutions to suit your needs.  

I thank you for exploring our company.  Should you be interested in how we might be able to assist in resolving your current issues or how we might help you plan your future endeavors, we encourage you to reach out to us for assistance.

Kevin Goode
President, Goode Technology Group, Inc.